Bear_Grylls_dry_bags_aee1dadc-82c5-434a-8e7b-7d306a982835_grande Have you ever set out on a camping trip or outdoor adventure and felt like you forgot something at home, even after hours of planning and packing? Everyone has done it. When every detail is planned, many people still forget to remember a way to keep their valuables safe from water damage. Bear Grylls dry bags are the answer! The Bear Grylls Pro-Tech Electronic Dry Bag is one of the best. Here are some features of the small dry bag:

  • Size: 11.25" x 6.5"
  • Clear front window
  • Touchscreen capable through window
  • Lightweight
  • Easy snap
  • Watertight
Even if you are roughing it and leaving all your modern electronics behind, chances are, you'll need a place to put your car keys. If you are leaving your car in a parking lot while you hike or go camping, you will probably need to lock it and take the keys with you. Along the same lines, if you're using a GPS for geocaching or mapping out your route, you will need a safe, dry place to keep it. The smaller size of the Bear Grylls Pro-Tech Electronic Dry Bag is perfect for the minimalist camper or hiker. Chances are, you aren't toting your laptop or other large electronics into the great outdoors anyway. This bag is the perfect size for just the necessities. Here are a few items many people put in these dry bags:
  • Cell phones
  • iPods/music players
  • Headphones
  • Keys
  • GPS devices
  • Books
  • Matches
  • Emergency supplies

  The Price Point There's almost no limit to how much you can spend on a dry bag. Bear Grylls dry bags are surprisingly inexpensive for a name brand. Right now this bag runs for just $6.50! You really can't find a better price for a high quality bag anywhere. If you need a dry bag for your next camping, hiking or whitewater rafting trip, consider Bear Grylls dry bags. What's Your Next Adventure? There are many times when dry bags are handy.

They are useful for long and short hiking trips, especially in locations with unpredictable weather. If you want to carry a bag but don't want an entire backpack, a small dry bag can be the solution. They are also ideal for day trips at the lake because even if you're on a boat, you will need to keep your electronics safe and dry. Bear Grylls dry bags are perfect for camping and kayaking too.  

When you have reliable dry bags, you can go on any adventure and know your valuables are safe and dry.

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