A sturdy, refurbished airsoft assault rifle Black Ops will give you many hours of challenging tactical games. Whether you’re a gun aficionado or an in the field Black Ops expert (or both), this airsoft rifle is refurbished without sacrificing quality. It’s an excellent rifle for short-range practice and games, and can also be used for short-quarters combat.

Refurbished Airsoft Assault Rifle Black Ops:  What is an Airsoft Rifle? 

Some people may not be familiar with the term “airsoft rifle”, although they’ve used BB or pellet guns. Airsoft is another term for a replica rifle or gun designed to shoot BBs or other plastic or biodegradable projectiles. Airsoft rifles are used for games, target practice or other leisure activities. These replica guns are quite realistic, and may even fool collectors – they’re far different than any “toy” guns of the 20th century. Airsoft guns were originally created as an alternate to paintball, but it’s now taken over as the most popular combat sport. You can use airsoft guns for target practice, or tactical games like Black Ops.

Refurbished Airsoft Assault Rifle Black Ops:  Designed for All Skill Levels

Beginners may need to spend some extra time getting used to the overall design for better maneuverability. Black Ops airsoft rifles offer comfort grips for better handling and aim. Some models, like the Full Metal Cobra, have flip-up adjustable sights, while other rifles include scopes. The original M-4 Viper, first used during the Vietnam war, is a carbine, or shorter version of a standard infantry weapon. The Black Ops airsoft model is great for non-stop usage, as it holds 300 rounds, and it uses .20g BBs. It has full automatic and semi shooting modes, just like the real thing. A refurbished version has all the same parts and shooting features of a new gun. Buying a refurbished rifle from a reputable dealer is a good bargain, and it should last just as long as a new model if it’s properly used and maintained. Refurbished models come with a charger, battery and hard case.  Extras, including zombie targets, add to the excitement of using this tactical, game playing rifle.

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