If you’re looking for a way to get the feel and experience of shooting a real assault rifle without actually taking the full plunge, then Black Ops Air Guns may be perfect for you. These realistic BB guns are cost-effective and easy-to-use but feel like the real thing.

Black Ops Air Guns: Cobra M4

The Black Ops Full Metal M4 Cobra Airsoft Gun has the look and feel of an actual assault rifle but is without the dangers and complications associated with the real weapon. The Cobra is the close-quarters combat version of the M4 and features adjustable sights and a pistol grip. Additionally, this airsoft gun offers semi- and full-automatic shooting modes and has a magazine capacity of 300 rounds. To give users the full experience of firing an assault rifle, the Cobra M4 also offers an electric blow back that simulates an authentic firing recoil and has adjustable hop-up for increased distance and accuracy. Users also have the option of removing the butt stock, which takes the barrel length down to just over 9 inches, making it perfect for accuracy and maneuverability.


Airsoft Gun Specs

Airsoft guns like the Black Ops Air Guns are far safer than the real things, as they only use 6mm round pellets called “BBs.” Although BB pellets can be a bit painful when they come in contact with skin, they travel at much slower speeds than actual bullets and cannot kill or cause heavy-bleeding injuries like real guns can. However, those who use airsoft guns can protect themselves from minor injury by wearing thick, protective clothing and “skirmiches,” which are worn around the eyes. Airsoft guns are typically spring-powered and require the user to cock the spring before every fire. Having to do this may require a bit of extra work, but it is one of the reasons why this particular type of airsoft gun is so cost-effective. Beginners typically start out with this type of airsoft gun and move on to more advanced versions as they become more comfortable with using the guns. As you become more familiar with the way these types of guns work, you may want to move on to more advanced models, such as those that are gas-powered and electronic.

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