Millions of people are finding the airsoft gun hobby exciting and adventurous, but getting started will require more than a Black Ops Sniper Air rifle. From safety equipment and a large supply of ammo, having the necessary supplies and accessories will ensure you start this hobby the right way. Using this guide, you will understand what you will need to get started with airsoft.

Beginner’s Airsoft Gun

There are many different types of airsoft guns on the market today, but consider a model that is suited to beginners. Airsoft guns will be powered by one of the following elements:
  • Spring – Spring-powered airsoft guns will require cocking the spring by hand before firing. Spring-powered airsoft guns are available in an automatic and semi-automatic handgun or rifle models.
  • Gas – If preferred, you can purchase a gas-powered airsoft gun. These guns use carbon dioxide cartridges to fire. Unfortunately, refilling these guns can become expensive if you enjoy long periods of shooting.
  • Electric – Powered by a battery that can be recharged, electric airsoft guns are also popular options for airsoft hobbyists.


Many beginners are not familiar with the differences between shooting airsoft guns versus BB guns. The guns are completely different, so you will need a completely different type of ammo when shooting airsoft. Specialized airsoft BBs are necessary when you begin using your Black Ops Sniper air rifle and other airsoft guns. Purchase a large supply of airsoft pellets that work well with your sniper rifle. It is best to buy numerous containers of the airsoft BBs to ensure you do not run out of ammo during target practice or an airsoft game and competition.

Safety Equipment

Safety is imperative during target practice or while playing an airsoft game with others. To protect your face without any risk of injury or pain, purchase a paintball mask that covers your entire face. Do not use airsoft mesh masks. While these mesh masks are designed for airsoft play, they can shatter and cause damage to your face and eyes. Purchasing a pair of safety goggles is also smart, even though you will be wearing a mask. Goggles will offer an extra layer of protection for your eyes, but they can also reduce the fog that limits your visibility during an airsoft game. Be sure to purchase shatterproof, anti-fog goggles for the best protection and visibility.

Airsoft is an excellent hobby to begin if you want to add exercise and adventure to your life.  To learn more about the hobby, contact Gifts for Men at  (888) 581-7776 to purchase a Black Ops Sniper Air Rifle and other must-haves for the beginner airsoft hobbyist.

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