If you enjoy target shooting, or any type of gun play, a refurbished Black Ops airsoft gun is an excellent choice for your next activity. The Black Ops brand offers many options for realistic weapons that you and your friends can afford to enjoy on a regular basis. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy the true to life models, either.

You can purchase airsoft models brand new, but buying refurbished means getting a gun that functions as good as new for less money. The refurbished Black Ops M-4 Viper at, for example, comes ready to fire with all kinds of features, but costs significantly less than a new one. Modeled after a rifle made for the Vietnam war, the M-4 Viper comes with extras like a hard case, an extra clip, a charger, and a battery. It also has customizable features like adjustable sights, simulated firing recoil, semi and automatic shooting modes, and more. Because it is refurbished, you can afford to enjoy this fully-functioning gun at a lower price.

If you prefer a handheld option, the Black Ops 2.5-inch Airsoft Exterminator Revolver can also be purchased refurbished. This classic model is a six shooter with six authentic looking shells, an adjustable rear sight, manual safety, a black metal frame and more. It is the perfect small, starter pistol.

Refurbished products are items that had to be sent back for various reasons. Sometimes, the item was never used, but the packaging was opened, which means you are actually buying something new, anyway. At other times, the gun had to be repaired. However, all refurbished items are inspected to be certain they function as though they are new. Your Black Ops airsoft gun will come with all the standard warranties and return policies of other, new items, so you lose nothing by purchasing a refurbished model.

Black Ops Airsoft has many airsoft gun models to choose from, both new and refurbished. Whether you prefer rifles, handguns, automatic, or semi-automatic models, their online shop offers them at affordable prices. They are the perfect gifts for the men in your life (or the outdoorsy woman), or to indulge your own love of firearms and shooting.

So, spend some time outside with your friends and family this summer, and enjoy a shooting competition. Or, you can enjoy the outdoors alone and practice your aim with your own Black Ops airsoft gun. There are plenty of refurbished guns available on, and they are inexpensive enough to get more than one for you and your shooting buddy.

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