Bear Grylls camping backpacks are made for every kind of weather; but if you live in North Texas, just the idea that cooler temperatures are coming makes most people eager to break them out for their fall and winter hiking and camping excursions. When you go into your garage or closet to fish out all of your outdoor gear for the season ahead and you don’t have any Bear Grylls equipment, think about replacing some or all of what you have with the great line of Bear Grylls packs, tents and more from The Gifts For Men Outlet.

Where should you start when you need new gear?  You start with the best of the Bear Grylls camping backpacks, the Patrol 45L Extended-Day Pack.  Here’s why you’ll fall in love with this pack:

▸ When they say ‘extended-day,’ the mean it.

At 45 liters, this pack has the capacity to carry everything you need for a long stay in the wilderness.  The main compartment is big enough to hold a couple changes of clothing, food, first aid kits and any other bulky items you need to pack.  Of course any extended camping or hiking trip means you’ll need to carry a sleeping bag and the Patrol 45L pack has a compartment, separated from the main compartment by a diaphragm divider, that’s designed to hold any of the Bear Grylls sleeping bags.  To make sure you stay hydrated, the Patrol 45L also features a hydroport that fits most water bladders so you can drink on the go.  Need more space?  The pack has multiple zippered and gusseted storage pockets, including a waterproof one in the hood, for keeping all of your smaller items separated for easy access. Bear Grylls Camping Backpacks

▸ It’s comfortable.

Like all of the Bear Grylls camping backpacks, the Patrol 45L Extended-Day Pack is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The frame is padded aluminum with an airflow design that will keep your back cool and dry no matter how long you walk.  The shoulder and sternum straps are adjustable to fit just about any body type and size. 

▸ It’s built to last.

Want a pack you’ll have for many years to come?  The Patrol 45L pack is the one you should choose because it’s made from the highest-quality 420D diamond ripstop nylon and 420D ballistic nylon that resist tearing and puncturing.  While the frame material is aluminum, it has a reinforced frame sheet to keep it from buckling or bending no matter where you take it.  And last, but not least, it carries the Bear Grylls name, which means it’s been field-tested for durability by Bear Grylls himself.

If you’re ready to get out onto the trails or into the woods, get your Bear Grylls Patrol 45L Extended Day Pack from the great line of Bear Grylls camping backpacks, from the Gifts For Men Outlet.  Visit or call us at (888) 581-7776 to order.

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