Whether you’re a solo wilderness enthusiast or you have a whole family or group of friends who wants to get in on your next adventure, Bear Grylls camping backpacks may be the right packs for you. If you are about to buy your own gear for the first time, or if you are replacing old, worn out gear, you may be surprised at the quality and durability of Bear Grylls gear.

Choosing a Pack

When it comes to choosing a camping or hiking backpack, the options are endless. Every expert has different opinions, and mandatory requirements for some may not be as important for others. For example, those who ice climb or camp in winter conditions, ice pick loops on the outside of a pack might be vital. For others, outside water bottle holders for easy access may be important. And of course, the size dimensions, comfort level and compartments vary from pack to pack. So how do you choose a pack? First, assess the situation. There are plenty of Bear Grylls camping backpacks to choose from, so do a little research. Is this pack going to be your only outdoor backpack, or do you have others? Are you looking for a hiking backpack with a sturdy frame, or a hydration pack you can put a water bladder into? Does color matter? Some camping backpacks come with waterproof covers, which is ideal if you plan to traverse mountains during the rainy season. Some have large cavernous pockets, while others have smaller, more separated compartments. Depending on your organization style, you may prefer one over the other. In any case, with a little research, you can surely find a camping backpack that works for you. Bear Grylls camping backpacks are some of the best you can find for their low price tags. They aren’t built to last forever, but they are sturdy and durable and will last years.

Backpack Options

The Bear Grylls Hydra 45 Hydration Pack is perfect for an extended camping trip or wilderness adventure. If you are taking kids with you and packing their water, snacks and gear along with yours, it can be a great day pack, as it’s big enough to carry plenty of gear. If your wilderness rendezvous is going to be several weeks long, you may want to splurge on a larger pack, like the Bear Grylls Commando 60 liter pack. And if you are heading out for a day hike or an overnight camping trip, something like the 20 liter or 28 liter backpacks might be a better fit for you.   No matter what kind of adventure you are embarking on, there are Bear Grylls camping backpacks to fit your needs. Buy here on for the best prices!

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