While spring is in the air in parts of the country, the relentless winter rages on in others. If you are getting the itch to head outdoors for some fresh air and stargazing, be prepared with Bear Grylls sleeping bags - and with the zero degree bags in particular. You don’t have to wait until summer to hit the mountains! 

The Native Series 0-Degree womens and mens sleeping bags are perfect for a winter camping adventure. Unless you are headed out into the arctic (or the Northeast) where below zero nights are common, these sleeping bags should be perfect. Most people don’t camp in below zero temperatures unless they are extreme outdoorsmen. Whether you are an experienced camper or not, the Native Series 0-Degree sleeping bags are perfect for winter camping.

Here are some specifics on the women’s zero-degree sleeping bag:

  • 30 x 80 inches
  • Diamond ripstop polyester
  • Synthetic fiber insulation
  • Draft collar
  • Anti-snag reversible zippers
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Compression sack

This sleeping bag is built to last with durable materials. It is tough to rip or destroy, so it can handle a lot of wear and tear. These sleeping bags are machine washable, so just throw them (probably one at a time) in the washer to get out the dirt and campfire smoke!

Other Gear You Might Need

Whether you are setting out for your very first wilderness adventure or your old gear is worn out and you want to replace it, Bear Grylls products are the way to go. For maximum comfort when you are camping, you may want to get a sleeping pad or camp pillow. Of course, if you need other camping gear like backpacks, hydration packs or camping dishes, Bear Grylls products are the ones to choose.

Buying in Bulk

When you shop, you can save a ton by purchasing bundle packs. For example, right now you can get four Bear Grylls Native Series 0-Degree Women’s sleeping bags for just $135.00. This is a screaming deal, considering the fact that these sleeping bags usually run for about a hundred bucks apiece. So, if you are buying sleeping bags for yourself or your kids, this is the place to get them! Or, get your friends to all pitch in and buy sleeping bags together so you can all save a ton of money.

Other Mummy Bags

If the zero degree bag is a little too much for you, there are other Bear Grylls sleeping bags to choose from. If you don’t live in below freezing temperatures, you may want to consider the Native Series 30-degree sleeping bags, both for women and men. These sleeping bags are designed to be used right around freezing temperatures and above.

Whether you’re in the market for Bear Grylls sleeping bags, camping packs or other equipment, you can find the best prices right here on!

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