If you’ve been looking at Black Ops BB and pellet guns trying to find a new weapon for hunting season, look no further than the Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener.   You’ll be ready to hunt small- and medium-sized game with unparalleled accuracy with the Gamo Whisper.  And when you choose the rifle nicknamed “The Quiet Gun,” you’ll be getting an innovative rifle with special ND 52 technology that is designed for quieter shooting.  ND 52 is a technical advancement that is an integral, non-removable noise dampener that reduces the sound from the rifle up to 52% over standard spring air rifles.  This reduced noise from the weapon will decrease spooking of wildlife and create confusion about your shooting direction.

Hunters will immediately notice other benefits of the noise-dampening technology.  Combined with the rifle’s thick, ventilated, rubber butt pad, it softens recoil making it a more accurate weapon and a much more comfortable weapon to fire.  Noise reduction means less sound distraction for hunting dog, less muzzle blast-related hearing damage for the hunter and happier neighbors.  

Not only does this rifle have a standard 39x40 reticle air rifle scope with a one-piece solid mount for accuracy, it also delivers pellets at a velocity of 1200 feet per second with PBA (Performance Ballistic Alloy) and 1000 feet per second with lead.  This translates into one shot one kill.  The stock of the Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener from Black Ops BB and pellet guns is made of a tough, all-weather, molded synthetic material and molded cheekpads are mounted on each side to accommodate right- and left-handed shooters.  The grip and forearm have a non-slip texture design for added stability.  

Other specifications for this rifle include:

▪  Single shot

▪  Break barrel with single cocking system and spring piston

▪  Automatic cocking safety system

▪  Manual trigger safety

▪  Fluted, polymer-jacketed, rifled steel barrel

▪  Second stage adjustable trigger

▪  Fiber optic front sight with sight guard

▪  Fiber optic adjustable rear sight

There are a variety of Black Ops BB and pellet guns that will serve a hunter well; but the Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener could be the perfect spring air rifle.  Not only will you get the stopping power you expect from any of the Black Ops BB and pellet guns, but you’ll get quieter firing that will add to your accuracy and comfort.  To order the Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener, go to  To order from by phone, call 888-581-7776.

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