Everything is going digital these days yet it's nice to note that, in the world of watches, analog is holding its own. Digital watches were popular when they first hit stores in the 1970’s, but even with the advent of smart watches, timepieces sporting an hour, minute and second hand are just as popular as ever. The CEO of the Swatch Group, Nick Hayek, sees it as a consumer statement. Hayek tells the New York Times that people prefer a timepiece without all the bells and whistles, one without complications, such as Maverick Rockwell Watches. These types of watches remain pieces of jewelry.

Benefits of Analog
Even watch companies that are known for leading the pack in digital turned up at Baselworld, a watch industry international convention in Basel, Switzerland, with impressive 100 percent analog watches that make you forget there's such a thing as digital, according to A Blog To Watch. These watchmakers have either seen the writing on the wall, or they simply remembered how analog watches can sell better than digital. Some of those aspects include:

  • analog watches look more elegant and stylish

  • analog watch faces don't suddenly go blank or become scrambled if the battery wears down

  • analog watches are easy to set


The Maverick Run-Down

If you're on the lookout for a chic and elegant men's analog watch, Maverick Rockwell Watches fit the profile. The classic round face features sophisticated bar marks in place of numbers and are spaced in 10-minute intervals. The dial window is made of ultra-durable sapphire crystal and is three times harder and more resistant to scratches than mineral crystal. Maverick watches have traditional watch hands -- second, minute, hour -- and have Swiss quartz movement. Maverick watch bands are substantially wide and have fold-over push-button clasps with hinges to keep them from falling off if they become unfastened.  The element that takes the elegance factor up a notch with Maverick watches is the color choices. Whether you prefer the rich look of an all-gold watch, or the sophisticated appearance of an entirely black watch, you can take your pick with the Maverick.


When you're in the market for a new watch -- regardless of whether you prefer digital or analog -- check out They carry the best of the Rockwell Watches including the Maverick. You'll do more than keep up with timely trends when you shop You'll set them with fashionable, attractive Rockwell Watches.




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