There are a million sleeping bags to choose from, which makes choosing a difficult process. If you are shopping for sleeping bags or other outdoor gear, consider buying Bear Grylls products. They have a great reputation for durability and usefulness.
Bear Grylls sleeping bags are no different; if you want to stay warm and comfortable on your next hiking or camping trip, consider the Native Series 30-Degree Men’s Sleeping Bag.


Here are the details for this awesome sleeping bag:

  • 83” long and 32” wide at the shoulders

  • Made for three seasons

  • Anti-snag, reversible zippers

  • Draw cords for tightening

  • Padded hood

  • Fits in small compression sack

  • Warm, synthetic insulation


At first glance, the Bear Grylls Native Series 30-Degree Men’s Sleeping Bag looks sleek and durable. Not all sleeping bags are created equal, and you can tell that this sleeping bag is made with high quality materials with just a look.

These sleeping bags are built to last for several years, depending on how much use they get. Great high-quality sleeping bags usually cost $150 and up, but not the Bear Grylls sleeping bags. These ones will only run you about $32, which is less than you will pay for a cheaply built sleeping bag at a local store. If you are going to spend the same amount of money anyway, why not get a better product? Bear Grylls sleeping bags are definitely the best you can find in the $30 - $50 price range.

The 30 degree Native Series sleeping bag is a three season bag, designed for Spring, Summer and Fall use. If you live in a desert area that doesn’t drop below freezing, this bag may even work during the Winter months. It is effective right at 30 degrees, which is below freezing, but isn’t intended to be used for much colder temperatures than that.

With a polyester outer shell, the Bear Grylls Native Series 30-Degree Men’s Sleeping Bag is durable. It is built to last and designed to withstand the elements. So if you choose to sleep right under the stars rather than inside a tent, this sleeping bag is perfect. You should not have any problems with wind, dirt or even rain, as the sleeping bag is washable.

If you want the best sleeping bag you can get for your money, consider Bear Grylls sleeping bags. And if your camping partner is a woman, there is also a women’s version of this same sleeping bag. Then you can both sleep in comfort on a hiking or camping trip!


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